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Name:Mr. sunarya haliamsyah [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Address:Jl. Pinang Baris, Gg. Makmur No. 9
Medan, Sumatera Utara
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Registration Date:Jan. 10, 2013
Last Updated:Mar. 26, 2013
Business Nature:Trade, Service, Organizations of Home Supplies category

Company Brief

Only in business bossventure we can have an online store without having to have a shop, can buy and sell online, as rights holders reseller, bossventure gives you a daily profit.

BossVenture International Network-based Internet company with the concept of online shopping and the unique and new systems that do not exist in many other networks, namely company Peek Credits system with Discounts up to 100% of each product.

A affiliater you? ?

You A Networker? ?

You A Reseller Online Shop? ?

Or ...

Happy with your investment? ?

If YES ..! !

This business is suitable for you ..

Has come ...! !
BossVenture International Network-based Internet company with the concept of online shopping and the new system is unique and that no other network companies, namely its Credits system Peek with discount up to 100% of the product
This business is suitable for you ..

By Peek Credits system apparently attracted a lot of interest in the Bossventure Online

Shopper of his own country, namely Malaysia. And this becomes an opportunity for

because we are still new in Indonesia .. Start in June 2012


www.facebook.com/ bossventure


- Menara Palma lantai 12, jl HR Rasuna Said, Kav 6, Blok X2, Jakarta

Selatan 12950

- Komplek Multatuli Indah Blok D No. 5 MEDAN

As a Reseller We only with a capital of $ 250


1. Free Peek credits that can be sold for $ 100 to a VIP Shopper ( Your Personal Costumer) that lists the free diwebsite You For shopping with discounts up to 100% . Peeks Or you can use your own.

2. Daily Profit Share ( DPS) max 1.5% per hr depending on the performance of the sales turn over of the Company during the 90hr.

DSI income examples :

3 months: $ 135 cash & $ 100 Peeks,

6 months: $ 226 cash & $ 376 Peeks,

9 months: $ 420 cash & $ 941 Peeks,

12 months: $ 777 cash & $ 2007 Peeks,

-Example Compound ( Repurchase) given the results of DSI drpd Peeks back.
Compound 90hr and 90hr grab cash: you will receive Peeks $ 376 and $ 226 cash. Total $ 602 for 6 months. Her results will be different and more so if the compound longer. ( Concept Sitting still be money without sponsoring) .

-NB: the above calculation simulation only, DSI values can vary depending on the company' s sales profits,

3. Bonus 25% ( of the Products Act) for each purchase products from VIP Shopper ( Your Personal Costmer) .

4. Bonus Plan with Binary system:

Sponsor Bonus: $ 30
Pairing Bonus: $ 60 / pair ( max 5pair / day)
Matching Bonus: 5% of the DPS ( 3Lv)
Top Up Bonus: 5% of the value of Top Up Direct ( 1 level) .

No Monthly Maintenence costs ..
NB: It' s Not the Money Game ..! ! !

Be LEADER EARLY Who Have Since SYSTEM BINARl Peak Position Gives You The Wealth Acceleration Without Sacrificing People In Your Down Network.

Age Has Developed & Change, Mindset also SHOULD CHANGE, its currently WORK SMART, bkn only work HARD.

Quick kabarin family, your friends before someone else who reported it ..

Like or Dislike BossVenture Will BOOMING " With " or " Without " you ...! ! !

Each SUCCESS Beginning Of A DECISION ...!

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    Sebagai Reseller Kami hanya dengan modal $250 (Rp.2, 5jt)

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